Create Immutable Class in Java

In this tutorial, We will show you about, How to Create Immutable Class in Java. There are two possible ways are attached in the post.

#1 Creating without Setters method

package com.dineshkrish;
public class Customer {
private String customerId;
private String customerName;
public Customer(String customerId, String customerName) {
this.customerId = customerId;
this.customerName = customerName;
public String getCustomerId() {
return customerId;
public String getCustomerName() {
return customerName;

#2 Making Attributes as final

package com.dineshkrish;
public class Employee {
private final int empId;
private final String empName;
public Employee(int empId, String empName) {
this.empId = empId;
this.empName = empName;
public int getEmpId() {
return empId;
public String getEmpName() {
return empName;


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